Joost belt jaime

Hallo, it’s me. LE:

Little! I was calling you ten minutes ago. I was taking a bath. Lek-ker-bad-je, Little? Wonderful badje! I was calling before, but you were communicating all the time! Internet-ing maybe? I was, until five or so, shopping, to buy presents for this people in Japan. In the morning I went to the gym, then I worked a little more and, you know, I really like it! You like it? It’s a good story, it’s like, I don’t know… a boys novel… About the Dutch, the way they came to Japan hundreds of years ago, the way they behaved, with the prostitutes… Prostitutes? My God! And you? I was washing… Washing what? The plates! I’m going to have dinner now. You have warm water? No, he-le-maal niet! Oh shit. And I don’t know what to do. Can you take a shower? In the gym, I take shower in the gym every day. But I don’t know what to do, because if I call the reparator, it’s thousand pesetas; then maybe he say: ‘You have to repair this and this’, and it’s thousand pesetas more… You live there only for one month, and things start breaking up, already! Yeah, this warmth-thing is consuming energy, but gives only cold water. It’s a shit! Are you ready for the travel trip? I’m taking books so I have a lot to read: it’s eleven hours in the plane, you know. Yes, boring. Boring. But, I travel business-class! Lekker, that’s lekker… And necessary: I have so many presents! Thirty kilos, Jaime! My God! And only one T-shirt for you. Ja, haha only one! Be careful with the champaign! It’s for free… I’m not going to drink! No? Oh, okay. When do you come back? Monday twenty-five. Oh my God, that’s so long! It’s too long. How was your day at work? Lekker, but I’m tired, because I had no holiday at all. Every day I work in my new flatje, you’ve seen it… Yes, je mooie flatje! And this day I’ve painted the doors with blue and now I’ll buy paintings for the corridor. Yellow? Yes… So, how are we going to do, when you are in Japan? You call me, no? Of course I call you! I call you collect. Colette? Why? Colette is very ugly, better call me Truus. No, hahaha… not Colette, but collect! Collect??? If I call you collect, than you pay… Coño mierda! Okay, then I say to the lady: sorry, I don’t know anybody in Japan! I did it a couple of times with my family. Yeah, with family it’s normal! But calling me like that is a shit. Ha ha ha. I’m glad I already took a ticket for being in Holland in February. Now I don’t have the money, because of this shit warmth-thing. Maybe I buy new one, instead of repairing it. It’s very cold there? It’s been so cold… Here it’s snowing. … but today it’s fifteen, sixteen, everybody was with lot of coats, but now you can take it out. Little? Yes? Be careful with the Japanese, okay? Why? You know why. Did you finish the book… Oscar Wilde? Yes, a lot of time ago! It’s very strong. What is the title? Teleny. Felony? No, T-e-l-e-n-y. Very good. When you read you underline hundreds of sentences… It’s incredible how much he knows about women-sexuality… So Little… ik hou van jou. Ik ook en ik mis je. Very, very much… ja. I wanted to go to bed early, but this shitty pub downstairs is having a bingo again. So go down and play the bingo… maybe you win something! My God, it’s so loud! What is the price? A wig, I think. What’s that? You know a wig… Hair. Or condoms, I don’t know… It’s so loud! I’m really tired, that’s why I wanted to take a bath, and go lekker clean in a lekker clean bedje. One of the best feelings, when the bed is made with new sheets. Zó-lek-ker! Now I regret you are not here… It’s a pity. I’m going to have dinner, it’s ten thirty. What are you eating? My mother gave me some bradsbourg. What, Strasbourg? No bradsbourg, una salchicha… It’s a sausage, typical German sausage. A frankfurter? Ja, but big and white. God, Lina Morgan is on TV now. How are the stocks in Amsterdam? I don’t care about this stocks. I care!!! My share in this Telephonica has gone down five hundred pesetas. Then sell them! I was going to, but the euro was high, so I leave it and than it started to go down… But listen… Do you know they need two hundred thousand of Spanish teachers in Brazil? Spanish is compulsory in all educational systems now, so, do you want to come… met-mij? Brazil? Lekker! We go to Rio… Rio is dangerous! … lekker on the beach, lekker hot weather… But it’s dangerous! We can go to Sevilla, that’s also hot. I made a reservation for the little house, when you come. Ja, you told me. Nine hundred guilders! It’s not cheap, but it’s not very expensive. My God, nine hundred is expensive! But okay, it’s worth it, it’s nice in Schir… Schiermonnikoog. It’s… how do you say that word with a h… Hip? Yes hip. It’s hip. But they don’t say it. I say it 'cause I like the word, but no one says it here anymore. My God, how are you teaching me! Ha ha ha… I go to Amsterdam and say hip, people think I am stupid… Ha ha, sorry!… Lin is very much in love. Oh really? Yes, and I promised that you will cook Spanish for us. So when you arrive, you go directly to Albert Heijn… Okay, but you pay! Yes, this time I pay. I don’t have any money now, because of this shit warmth-thing. But you need warm water! More then a stereo! Tomorrow I will call somebody to repair it, instead of buying new! Maybe this person can sing, then you have also a stereo! Haha. So you call me, OK? I call you from there. Lunch time I’m at home. Because I’m not going to be waiting all the time. Okay Jaime. But, Saturday, I go to my parents, for lunch… Okay. And tomorrow too! Haha, you go every day! Nee, nee! I go one day, other day I don’t go. It’s for them, to get used that I’m not there. It’s a Spanish family, not a Dutch family. I understand. Later I say: now I don’t go. Then only Saturday I go. Exactly. So what are you going to do when you arrive? I go cruising of course. Ahaha, no! You live in Warmoesstraat, you don’t need to fly eleven hours for cruising. No silly, I have to meet all these Japanese and work hard there. Be careful. You know why. No, I don’t know! Why? No, I’m joking. Don’t worry, okay? Jaime? At what time your plane is leaving? Half past two. Okay, if I can, I call you from the high school. Ik hou van jou, Little. Ik ook van jou. Doei. Doei. Doei doei doei doei. Doei, doei, Okay, we finish! Okay. Doei doei doei… Finish!!! Doei! No, you finish! Doeidoeidoeidoei Doeidoeidoeidoei…