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Are you a SNOEY KIEWIT interested in your ancestors that migrated to America? I think my ancestors are Dutch. My ancestor Peter Kivett departed from Rotterdam to America in 1749 and I believe he could be the Pieter Kiewit born in Rotterdam in 1726 to Johan Kiewit and Volkje Boers. My 6 times great grandfather Peter has many descendants in the US and we are interested in discovering our Dutch origins. Help with DNA Project Wanted. I am looking for MALE members of the SNOEY/SNOEIJ KIEWIT Family to take a DNA test as I believe that they are related to Pieter and his father Johan. A DNA test carried out by a MALE member of the Snoeij/Snoey Kiewit Family would prove or disprove this. The test would be FREE and could be arranged through a scheme in the Netherlands. Many thanks. Susan Robinson Kivett

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